December 3, 2023
Curug Cibadak, Cihurip is located in Cisangkal Village, Cihurip District, Garut Regency. The distance from the city of Garut to this location about 62 km.
Cibadak waterfall has a height of about 100 meters if we compare with Sanghyang Taraje waterfall, this waterfall is still higher, according to local residents called Cibadak waterfall because this waterfall is located in Cibadak river which has a large water discharge. Cibadak Curug location is not far from the village road that is located on the left side of the road, the view around the beautiful waterfall in the form of green scenery rice fields and plantations that are still very beautiful residents.
Cibadak waterfall began to be managed by the people of Cisangkal village around the end of 2016 by imposing an entrance ticket. although it has begun to be managed, but the waterfall is still very beautiful and there have been no additional facilities due to limited resources and funding sources.
If from the direction of the city of Garut just follow the road to Pameungpeuk, then after entering the Cihideung road or before the Dark Mountain, there is an intersection of you take the road to the left that leads to Cihurip which is marked by a gate that reads “Welcome to Cihurip Subdistrict” on the road that already exists Plank / instructions for travel distance information on Cihurip. The distance from the gate to Curug Cibadak is about 10 km, from the gate you just follow the path, if there are many intersections you don’t need to worry because there are already directions making it easier to get to the location. If carrying a two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicle, make sure the vehicle is in top condition. Do not bring a vehicle with a low chassis because it would be difficult to pass through the rocky road here. Fortunately, some of the steep inclines have been made in concrete, making them relatively easy to pass.
If you use public transportation, you can use elves Cihurip majors from the arrowroot terminal / from the terminal lw. length bandung. However, because the number of elves that went to Cihurip was not large, it usually took quite a long time to wait for this elf. This Cihurip elf route goes right through the road to Curug Cibadak Cisangkal which certainly makes it easy for you to get to the location. All that’s left is to tell the driver / conductor to drop off at Cibadak Cisangkal Curug. The fare is adjusted by the conductor.
Anyway, the price of admission Curug Cibadak Cihurip is Rp. 8,000. To facilitate the search for this location has been marked in Google Maps

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